Crediton Neighbourhood Plan

"Make it work better"

Policy Links

We have to make sure our NP works within various legislation. These are a mix of European, UK and District laws and policies.

National Planning Policy Framework (Link)

Current Local Plan (Link)

Proposed Local Plan (Link)

Local Plan Evidence Report (links to all of the reports MDDC use to justify their Local Plan) (Link)

Crediton Conservation Area (Link)

Neighbourhood Plan Reports

We have to justify all our policies and conclusions, which means referencing all of our data. Some of this will be previously published reports and policies (such as those in the "Policy Links" section on this page but some will also be research that we have commissioned ourselves.

Over time, the list of documents we have used in the preperation of the plan will grow and we will               try to keep this list up to date!

Crediton Household Survey (2015) (Link)

Crediton Youth (Teen) Survey (2015) (Link) (updated)

Crediton Youth (Primary) Survey (2015) (Link)

Crediton High Street Business Survey (2015) (Link)

Crediton Industrial Estate Survey (2015) (Link) (updated)

CCA Vision for Crediton (2009) (Link)

Sustainable Crediton Seminar (2012) (Link)

Crediton Flood Project (Uni.of Exeter) (Link)






Neighbourhood Plan Links

We have spent a lot of time looking at other Neighbourhood Plans from around the country. Some of these are linked to below. Some of these are local, some are from towns similar to Crediton. Some are still being worked on and some have been completed.

There also various groups which provide support to NP's, some of these are below.

Exeter St.James. Neighbourhood Plan (Link)            Thame (Oxford) Neighbourhood Plan (Link)

Cullompton Neighbourhood Plan (Link)                      Broughton Astley (Leics) N.P. (Link)

Burpham N.P. (Link)                                                    Cringleford N.P. (Link)

Uppingham N.P. (Link)                                                Tattenhall N.P. (Link)

Oswestry N.P. (Link)                                                    Frome N.P. (Link)

Locality (Link)

Planning Aid England (Link)

Campaign to Protect Rural England (Guide to NP Link) (Report Link)